Saturday, 24 March 2012

Watch Ambuli Tamil Movie Online

Are You Ready To Watch Ambuli Tamil Movie Online?

Cast: Parthiban, Arun, Sindhu

Director: Hari Shankar,Harish Narayan

Amudhan (Ajay) and Vendhan (Srijith) stay in a hostel even after their friends leave home for vacation. Amudhan wants to visit Poo madandhipuram a neighbouring village where his lover Poongavanam (Sanam) lives. One night when he crosses the corn field to reach her house, he comes across horrifying things. He runs for his life and reach hostel to narrate his friend Vendhan everything. They enquire villagers and find out that it was a beast Ambuli, a man-eating ghost. The villagers too live in fear of Ambuli.
The duo takes it as a challenge and starts researching about Ambuli. They decide to decode the ghost and put an end to all its menace. The plot gets thicker when they meet Sengodan (Parthiban), who lives alone in the field.
How the duo accomplish the task forms the climax.

Excited? Watch Ambuli Tamil Movie Online!

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