Saturday, 24 March 2012

Watch Dhoni Tamil Movie Online

Are You Ready To Watch Dhoni Tamil Movie Online?

Cast: Akash, Mugdha Godse

Director: Prakash Raj

Music: Ilayaraja

Life for a middle-class family is never easy. The story revolves around one dotting father SUbbu(Prakashraj) who works in a government's office. His life are his daughter and son Karthick (Akash). After losing his wife, Subbu combines both the
roles of father and mother and takes care of his children. He wants to give good education to his children. He makes them join a big school and works hard to meet their educational expenses. However his son Karthick loves cricket more than studies. he wants to become one day like Dhoni. He breathes cricket. As a result, his academic performance goes good.

One fine day, the school principal calls up Subbu and informs that his son is faring bad in studies and warns that he would
drop him from the school. An enraged Sub shouts at his son. In a fit of rage, he slaps him. Karthick falls on the floor
and slips into coma. Now Subbu realises his mistake. He feels that he should have encouraged his son to do what he wanted. He feels that education system has become a bane on children. The rest is all but how Subbu conveys this message to the society loud and clear.

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