Monday, 23 April 2012

Watch Naa Ishtam Telugu Movie Online Free

Are You Ready To Watch Naa Ishtam Telugu Movie Online Free?

Cast: Rana, Genelia

Director: Prakash Toleti

Story: The story is about against Malaysia backdrop. The hero Ganesh (Daggubati Rana) may be a sensible guy. he's employed as a happening manager. His sole aim is build|to form|to create} cash and make extra money. He doesn't believe in things like sentiment. he's solely inquisitive about cash and can do something for that. sooner or later Ganesh comes across Krishnaveni (Genelia). She has run faraway from home and are available to Malaysia. She needs to marry her lover Kishore (Harshavadhan Rane). However, to her surprise and dismay Kishore fails to show up.
Krishnaveni is aghast. However, Ganesh involves her facilitate. She becomes a monetary burden on the money minded Ganesh. When he learns abut Krishnaveni’s story he takes her to India and hands her over to her father. He will this for the reward cash promised to him by Nazar.
When Ganesh realises that Nazar is wicked and he's making an attempt to force Krishnaveni to marry another guy, he rescues her and brings her back to Malaysia. within the method, Ganesh slowly falls in love with Krishnaveni. Even before he will specific his love for her, the story takes a twist. Kishore turns up and asks Krishnaveni to marry him. can|what is going to|what's going to} she do? can she forgive him and marry him or will she select Ganesh instead. to understand the solution, watch the film on the silver screen.

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