Sunday, 25 March 2012

Watch Naanga Tamil Movie Online

Are You Ready To Watch Naanga Tamil Movie Online?

Cast: Sanjai Krishna, Vinod, Nivas, Varun

Director: Selva

Music: Balabarathi

Story :
The movie begins in 2011 when one Devi (Vishnupriya) wakes up from coma after almost 25 years. It is celebrated by all and appears in newspapers. Now her collegemates in the past gets shocked. They decide to meet her. They have a purpose and unfinished job too.
They come together and go meet Devi. There is one Babu (Uday) who is in prison. The friends get him out of the jail and takes him to meet Devi.
The movie takes a look back on everyone's life in the gang.

Excited? Watch Naanga Tamil Movie Online!

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