Saturday, 24 March 2012

Watch Udumban Tamil Movie Online

Are You Ready To Watch Udumban Tamil Movie Online?

Cast: Dhiliprojar, Radhika, Natchatira

Director: Ramji Balan

Education cultures a man. But it has become commercial and poor parents are fleeced a lot. This is the crux of the movie. Udumban (Dilip Rogger) is an illiterate. He is a petty thief who goes around with a monitor lizard with him.
One day he realises the best way to make quick money is by starting a school. After it is started, he lands in jail for a crime. So his brother Kali (Sunil) runs the institution. Udumban returns to see the school become a big one and is brother becoming rich and selfish.
Now he takes up the task of reforming the system. Fights his brother and ends up achieving the dream of giving of free and fair education to all.

Excited? Watch Udumban Tamil Movie Online!

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